WK 15 Classmate Conversation: Jack Taylor

Wrapping up the first semester of Art110, I was lucky enough to get to interview the famous Jack Taylor!


How are you feeling today?

I’m feeling pretty good! The semester is almost over so I’m just taking a lot of anatomy courses right now, hoping I can just have all the grades I have now.

Jack Taylor is a junior and is a Dance Science major, which involves dance and anatomy.  So you get your Dance BA and also take some anatomy courses along the way.  Just like Corrine! Who is also his best friend.

Jack has been dancing since he was 8 years old, which he informed was pretty late for dancers.  He started out with tap and he absolutely loves tap.  Up until age 13, he started doing ballet.

I don’t know many dancers so I just asked some information about the dance here at CSULB.  He said that CSULB holds about 5 shows a year.  There are two faculty concerts, two MFA concerts, and one student-led concert.

Jack has choreographed a piece that actually got into the show for next semester so he’s really excited about that.  YAY JACK!

Because dance takes up most of his time, he is always either at rehearsals or teaching dance at two different studios.  He’s taught all different age groups.  He says that 10-14 years old is a prime age for a dancing class, past 14 is more about refinement in dance classes.

Jack Taylor is such a passionate and outgoing guy.  His bubbly personality is definitely not hard to miss.  He shines academically and through dance as well.  Jack is very hardworking and I can’t wait to see one of his shows when he’s famous!

Side note: He has the best name ever….Jack Taylor.

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