WK 12 Classmate Conversation: Emily Bondoc

Out and about in the galleries, I had run into the travelling Emily Bondoc!

photo 4 (15)

Emily is a first year, majoring in business/human resource management.  Just like me and my communications major, she really likes to deal and talk with people to solve issues.

She attended Cerritos High School so she commutes to CSULB everyday!  She is also a big FOODIE.  She really loves trying new places to eat and going with friends.  Her favorite kind of food is Mexican food!  Of course, she loves loves loves Chipotle, no matter how “basic” that is.

When I asked her questions, she had to think about them really hard so she did this thinking dance that was pretty hilarious.  Emily has such a quirky attitude that definitely shows her outgoing personality.  She is a very chill person that goes with flow.  She cool, she cool.

photo 3 (18)

FUNFACT: Her thumb is double jointed!  It used to go all the way back, but now it just pops in and out.

photo 1 (22)

If you want to follow up on Emily’s Travelling blog:



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