WK 15 Classmate Conversation: Jack Taylor

Wrapping up the first semester of Art110, I was lucky enough to get to interview the famous Jack Taylor!

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WK 15 Artist Conversation: Troy Rounseville

On this last week on Art 110, we conclude with a BANG!  More like from the bang of a drum!
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WK 12 Classmate Conversation: Emily Bondoc

Out and about in the galleries, I had run into the travelling Emily Bondoc!

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WK 12 Artist Conversation: Timothy Cooper

This week in Art 110, Timothy Cooper’s immaculate plate art was the focus in this art exhibit.

photo 1 (21)

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WK 11 Activity: Your Turn: Video!

For this week’s activity, Minyon and I decided to do the WHISPER CHALLENGE.

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WK 8 Activity: ePortfolio

Before my wordpress was just a basic theme with photos that indicated what the main subject was that week.  Now, it’s more of a blogg-y and journal-y wordpress! I used the theme Esquire because it reminded me of this fashion and beauty website called Refinery 29.  I normally read articles off this website in my free time and I just really loved the whole aesthetic of the website.  So with this activity, this website had inspired the whole look of my own website.

BEFOREautofocus original theme


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WK 7 Activity: Painting

On this week’s activity, WE TOOK IT TO THE STREETS!

Just kidding, but we in a way we did!  We took on the challenge of graffiti ART.  I emphasize the art because graffiti is really art.  We watched a documentary on graffiti and it showed the heart and soul in graffiti.  People use this as an expression against the world of consumerism, and even just blessing the public with free, beautiful art.  It’s just a way to get your own name out there.  With a world ridden with conformity and bland personalities, there has to be a way to speak out against this current zombie apocalypse.  I really like the whole idea behind a spray can and how it can be used to beautify, rather than vandalize. Continue reading

WK 6 Activity: Drawing

The activity this week was drawing and we used this ingenious app called French Girls.  It’s this really app that allows you to draw other people’s selfies and you can send in your own selfies and have other people draw you as well!  I really love the idea of this app because it’s a great way to show off your own artistic talent and how you can capture someone else’s beauty through technology.

Personally, I have to say I’m alright with drawing, but not the best.  I’d say I’m pretty average.  Here are some of my drawings I drew with other people’s selfies!

photo 5 (1)photo

For some reason I made the first girl look really sad… and like a blonde middle-aged man.  My apologies.

Here are my selfies that people drew!

photo 2 (1)photo 3 (1)photo 4 (1)

These were really creative and super hilarious! I loved the idea of not even drawing my selfie, but taking it to another level and telling a story to my selfie.

These were really cool.  Definitely some really talented artists on this app…

photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4photo 1 (1)photo 5

These were definitely not your average selfies.  Most of these artists have their own distinct way of drawing the selfies and it was cool to see all these different styles through this app.  This app is just another step towards combining the idea of technology and art together.  It began to be completely two different idea, but it’s great to see that you can use your phone to make art.  It’s also really great to see all these different people take their own time to paint a picture of yourself!  Every time I saw that someone had drawn one of my selfies I got pretty excited!  It’s cool to see what they came up with and what their individual style was.

Again, I really enjoyed this activity this week!  It was a great experience to interact with all these other people around the world.

WK 5 Activity: Counterfactual Identity: Cheryl Lee

This week in Art 110, we explored the idea of a counterfactual identity.  This is when someone takes on a fictional identity that can explore any spectrum through its specific personality and culture.  Even though I can’t do as great of a job as Nikki S. Lee, an identity artist, I tried to channel my inner Cheryl.

Cheryl Lee is as introverted as you can get.  She really likes black clothes because they compliment her black hair.  She enjoys being alone with her sculptures that usually involve metal, but she’s been trying to work with other elements that can showcase a sharp distinction between opposites.  She is demonstrating her artistic change through her dark, plum lipstick, that is not black, which is opposite enough for her.  She listens to noise and white noise.  Most people can’t tell the difference, but there is a distinct difference.  In conversation, she uses subtle sarcasm, so subtle that anyone can question what actually interests her or what doesn’t.  Her most used remarks are “whatever”, “sure”, *shrugs*, and “that’s cool”.  She doesn’t mind the stupidity of people because she believes it’s inevitable and is something that is constant, like the replay of a chain link fence being hit on her iPod.  She’s quite the character.

You may be wondering… why “Cheryl”?

Personally, I think there is something dark about that name.  The dip from “sh” to the “ryl” seems so drastic, like it was sounding great from the calming “shh”, but then it took a turn down to a tumbling depth of the unknown to the “ryl”.  It just seemed fitting to add Cheryl to a dark character.

When I walked around and asked what they thought my name was or my major, I got a lot of answers that had to do with an intense emotional and artistic description or a major that had to do with little contact from other people or the spotlight.  Ex: poet, artist, makeup artist, someone behind the scenes.

I didn’t get the correct answer to my character’s name, but my favorite one was “Ebony”.  I guess I’m the only one that sees Cheryl as a dark name…

I really liked this activity because of the interaction.  It was really fun to pretend to be someone else and be able to dictate this character’s exact personality and actions.  It was all improvisation and to interact with other people to see their thoughts about my character was amusing.  It’s surprising to have this sort of freedom to pick out whatever characteristics you want your person to have.  Whether it’s following the character’s own, I guess, specific, or society-given, superficial, and stereotypical guidelines or taking the liberty to go into more detail to tell a story of how different and unique every person can be through the littlest details.

It’s great to have such freedom through art.

WK 4- Activity- Plaster Casting

This week’s activity was really cool because it was our first hands on activity.  Minyon and I went to the beach to start our plaster casting.  We started with the first step and dug a hole.  We decided to do a plaster casting of our feet.

photo 2 (8)            photo 5 (3)

We mixed the plaster and water, but somehow it did not turn out as well as we planned.  It was a little more liquid-y than the buttermilk consistency that was expected.  But! We managed to get most of the mold to set, but some of the toes fell off or got smushed…

While we waited we just played in the water and did some cool dance moves.

photo 4 (4)

The finished product (Minus some toes)…

photo 3 (4)

This activity was really fun and it was really great to get our hands dirty!  I didn’t know it was so easy to make a plaster cast of a foot!  It’s great to think that it is so simple to create art.  All of our supplies were just from a hardware store and we just used the environment as our mold.  Plaster casting is just a fun and simple way towards actually sculpting something out of plaster.  We didn’t really sculpt anything, but we used our natural curvatures as a mold and sculptor.  This activity has been my favorite so far!

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