WK 15 Artist Conversation: Troy Rounseville

On this last week on Art 110, we conclude with a BANG!  More like from the bang of a drum!
IMG_1871This was probably, by far, my favorite art piece this year.  It combined my favorite things!  Art and music.  At first, I was totally drawn into the exhibit by the loud pounding of the drum and then I was just amazed when I walked into the door.
Throughout the room there were different self-playing instruments.  There were the drum, the keyboard, a guitar, and a vinyl that had a needle that would occasionally scratch.


There were all powered by all these electrical wires and pumps that involve a big department that I have no knowledge of.  All of these big and small wires fed into a small room in the middle of the exhibit.

Opening the small door, my face lit up.  My eyes grew huge because it was amazing in there!

The whole entire room was covered in mirror tiles, from floor to ceiling and all the way around.

There were a string of lights that illuminated the entire room.  Even though the room was so small, all these mirrors created an illusion that this small room stretched out farther into another dimension!

Once most of the people cleared out, Minyon and I found out the secret.


THERE ARE SENSORS IN THE TINY MIRRORED ROOM!  These sensors are specifically for each instrument outside.  So when there are people in the “control room”, the instruments are playing based on their movements.  It was so crazy how the artist could have such an expansive knowledge on art and technology!  I could not fathom how much work had gone into this project.

The meaning behind this art piece really resonated with me.  The artist really wanted to capture the dependence we have on technology and questions what will happen when technology advances so much that we have to depend on it for sentimental experiences.

I believe that music is the most sentimental form of art we have.  Every time someone would ask me if I’d rather be blind or deaf, I will always say blind.  People go crazy when it’s just them and silence!  Isolation is the most scary and dangerous thing.  Just like that guy in Into the Wild!

Music is such a big part of my life and sometimes I even identify myself in music.  When I listen to music, it’s… indescribable.  Music is my memory of everything.  Music has these magical properties that let anyone transport to a specific moment in their life.  I pair everything with music.  Sometimes a song can make me cry because of the lyrics or just the state I was in when I was listening to it.  It’s really crazy what just a few notes can do to you.

There was actually this one study that had these Alzheimer’s patients listen to music that was most popular in the days that their memories were forgotten.  Somehow they remembered it all.  Can you believe something like that could actually happen?!  Revive dead memories?!?!  I don’t know, man.  I cannot fathom how crazy that is!  It really is awesome… and I mean I am just in deep, dumb awe when I think about it.

ANYWAYS, back to art, I just thought that was such an intense question that may have to be answered soon.  Teaching a robot to love?  We already know that’s impossible because technology is left to be completely cold and emotionless.  What happens when we have to take music, the most sentimental thing we humans have, and leave it for technology to take over?

This piece was definitely a piece I am probably going to think about for awhile.


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