WK 15 Classmate Conversation: Jack Taylor

Wrapping up the first semester of Art110, I was lucky enough to get to interview the famous Jack Taylor!

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WK 13 Classmate Conversation: Antonio Lavermon

Sprinting towards Week 13 in Art 110, I had finally met the wonderful and charismatic Antonio Lavermon!

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WK 12 Classmate Conversation: Emily Bondoc

Out and about in the galleries, I had run into the travelling Emily Bondoc!

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WK 11 Classmate Conversation: Christian Espinoza

This week on Classmate Conversations, I had the pleasure of conversing with Christian Espinoza.

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WK 10 Classmate Conversation: Corinne Sampson

This week in Art 110, I had the pleasure of conversing with the lovely and bubbly Corinne Sampson!

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WK 8 Classmate Conversation: Angelica Camacho

Totally freaking out about my speech next class, I was sitting down on one of those giant slabs of rock, outside the galleries.  The Angelic Angelica had approached me with a smile and a notebook ready.

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WK 7 Classmate Conversation: Sarra Beauzil

This week in Art 110, I interviewed the amazing Sarra Beauzil!
She was initially in Nursing, but switched to Child Development. She is a second year at Cal State Long Beach and commutes from South Bay, around Redondo Beach. She really enjoys blogging on Tumblr and looking at fashion blogs. One thing we had in common was looking at fashion blogs are shopping online. We both really like going onto Polyvore and both agreed that online shopping is dangerous!!! It can be very addicting and I think I should see a specialist for it… Continue reading

WK 6 Classmate Conversation: Kamani Falls

This week on my Classmate Conversation, I met the vibrant and wonderful Kamani Falls.  She is a third year, majoring in child development, and she commutes from Cerritos.  In the future, Kamani wants to open a daycare, and because of this she was thinking of maybe minoring in business.  I found a little common ground with her because I was actually thinking of minoring in marketing also.

With her busy schedule with school and her job at Jamba Juice, she does not have a lot of free time, but when she does have time she hangs out with her nephew and neices.  If she has a free day she’ll go to Disneyland because she has a pass.  I then continued to tell her how jealous I was because those things cost almost $300!!!  I talked about how I needed a job so I could got to Disneyland more, so if there’s a job opening at Jamba Juice let me know, Kamani!!  She hasn’t gone to Disneyland since June so she needs to go more often since she has a pass.  Her favorite ride is the Mermaid ride at Disneyland.  Coming from Valencia, home of Six Flags Magic Mountain, I asked her if she also likes going there too.  She really likes all the other rides there too, but Disneyland just seems more magical.

After our interview, we walked around and looked at the art.  We both decided to go into the Labyrinth exhibit and really enjoyed how real the snow looked.  We interview Isaiah Ulloa together and both agreed that he was very enthusiastic and was a pleasure to talk to.

Kamani is a really cool and chill girl.  As I was taking her picture she struck a great pose and I could tell she was a free spirit.  Thanks for your time!!  You’re really awesome.

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WK 5 Classmate Conversation: Jazz

On Thursday, I met Jazz, a very interesting character.  She is the epitome of all pop culture.  She dressed in a normal outfit of the latest trends at the moment: grunge.  She tried to be “on-the-surface grunge”, which consisted of distressed jeans in all the right places and an Abercrombie flannel.  During our interview, she raved on and on about her seven hour wait for One Direction and how much she stalks their twitters to always find out where they are.  She only like boy bands and everything that is alive in pop culture.  I told her I was dorming and she told me that it was for poor people.  Cheryl kind of just…stayed quiet.  Jazz seems to be a little superficial and definitely loves Starbucks.

Cheryl and Jazz definitely had very different things to talk about.  They seemed almost the opposite.  Our characters definitely had a good flow of the conversation though.  Jazz would normally just talk and ask good questions while Cheryl just did minimal talking, which is something she enjoys.  Opposites do attract! At the end, they walked around the galleries and enjoyed the art.  They also walked around the campus and had a good time.

The “real” Jazz, Jasmine, is nothing like this.  She is a civil engineering major and she really likes a little more subdued bands, such as the 1975.  She did admit that she waited in line for seven hours, but not to meet One Direction.  She is really friendly and really does not mean that only poor people dorm.  We got along really well, as just as ourselves, and were talking about how much fun this whole project was.  We walked around campus together to ask people what they thought about our majors or what they thought our names were.  We both got really good answers and laughed at all the possibilities that could have gone with our identities.  Jasmine is really cool!  But I’m not sure I could really be friends with Jazz….. but she seemed nice!

For more of Jasmine’s adventures in Art 110:


WK 4- Classmate Conversation- Minyon Spencer

This week in Art110, I had met the lovely and charming, Minyon Spencer!

She is a first year, majoring in Finance.  She came all the way from Tracy, a city in San Jaoquin County.  We met before going into Jeannette Viveros’s exhibit.  We were both marveling at how crazy her piece was.  She brought up the whole Hook episode from Spongebob idea and I couldn’t have agreed more.  We laughed about the episode and our love for that yellow sponge.  We both enjoyed the use of different textures and senses involved in the piece and really liked the furry, cotton candy walls.  We both agreed that it would be possible to sleep standing up because of it.  We interviewed the artist together and then sat down for our own interview.

Minyon attended high school in Tracy and did cheerleading.  She enjoys ice cream in the Parkside dining hall and loves watching vines, six second videos on the app Vine.  She is currently raving about these twins on Vine that are hilarious and good looking.  We bonded over the hilarious Jerome Jarre vines with squee-rals (squirrels) and proceeded in doing the famous squirrel calls.

Minyon is super awesome and we’re probably hanging out later this week because we are apparently HALL MATES.

Minyon and I enjoying the pink furry wall of "Utterly Pink"

Minyon and I enjoying the pink furry wall of “Utterly Pink”

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