WK 15 Classmate Conversation: Jack Taylor

Wrapping up the first semester of Art110, I was lucky enough to get to interview the famous Jack Taylor!

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WK 15 Artist Conversation: Troy Rounseville

On this last week on Art 110, we conclude with a BANG!  More like from the bang of a drum!
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WK 13 Classmate Conversation: Antonio Lavermon

Sprinting towards Week 13 in Art 110, I had finally met the wonderful and charismatic Antonio Lavermon!

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WK 13 Artist Conversation: Sarah Walsh

This week in Art 110, the galleries were filled with beautiful paintings and drawings.  Just like last week, I really enjoyed seeing paintings in the galleries.  All of these artists showed such intricate designs within their paintings and just the amount of detail they had put in stunned me.

This week, I had found a big interest in “Untitled Landscape IV” by Sarah Walsh.

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WK 12 Classmate Conversation: Emily Bondoc

Out and about in the galleries, I had run into the travelling Emily Bondoc!

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WK 12 Artist Conversation: Timothy Cooper

This week in Art 110, Timothy Cooper’s immaculate plate art was the focus in this art exhibit.

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WK 11 Activity: Your Turn: Video!

For this week’s activity, Minyon and I decided to do the WHISPER CHALLENGE.

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WK 11 Classmate Conversation: Christian Espinoza

This week on Classmate Conversations, I had the pleasure of conversing with Christian Espinoza.

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WK 11 Artist Conversation: Romina Del Castillo

Sprinting into Week 11, I have decided to do an artist conversation on Romina Del Castillo.

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WK 10 Activity: Landscapes

photo (4)

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