WK 13 Classmate Conversation: Antonio Lavermon

Sprinting towards Week 13 in Art 110, I had finally met the wonderful and charismatic Antonio Lavermon!

photo 5 (13)

He is a sophomore at CSULB and is currently majoring in Film.  He recently just switched to film from theatre arts, but still has it as his minor.  Antonio has always been interested in film and acting so he wanted to base his entertainment career living in SoCal.  He hails from Sacramento, but dreams to live in Malibu or Hollywood.  Antonio would want to go into screenwriting through film.

He said that acting has been his main passion in life.  His plans for the future include starring in his own show and having his own cameos.  He is currently writing and working on something.  He is interested in all genres for writing,  Antonio’s favorite one to write is drama and supernatural.  If he does pursue his own show, it would be LGBTQI related.  He wants to aim for a young audience.  He wants his show to be mainly gay.

I had to ask what he thought about the media showing more openly gay scenes in shows.  Antonio proceeded in telling me that it’s a good way to spread awareness and open up the public to gay culture.  Antonio says, “In order to make the world move, we need to reach out.”  Through his writing and inspirational attitude, Antonio will definitely change the world.

I had to ask how he was feeling that day and he said that he was a little anxious because he had to print out this essay, but he said he was just being overly ambitious.

His plans for Thanksgiving include going back up to Sacramento to see his family and have a big feast!  He normally goes back up home just for major holidays because he also has a job down here.

Antonio’s favorite animal is a dog, but snakes do come in pretty close to first.  His spirit animal would most likely be a dog.  This was great because I am definitely a dog person too.

This concludes my amazing interview with Mr. Lavermon!  He was such a pleasure to talk to and was very passionate in his plans for the future.  Can’t wait to see what else he has in store for this world to take in!

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