WK 12 Artist Conversation: Timothy Cooper

This week in Art 110, Timothy Cooper’s immaculate plate art was the focus in this art exhibit.

photo 1 (21)

photo 4 (14)
Timothy Cooper’s artistic statement really shined a light on a new take on art.  He emphasized the idea that art can be a communal activity.  He started telling us that the whole process involved so many different helping hands, which brought in the whole aspect of a community project.  He also says that each individual plate has a high sense of functionality.  A plate is used for so many things: eating, throwing, holding, spinning, and the list goes on.  All these plates together form a functional community.  However, the work it took to make these plates and the collective pull of everyone involved created a community as well.  I would like to see that each plate is sort of like each person that helped.  And together they create this piece that presents a community project within a community project.  Community inception!

photo 2 (21) photo 3 (17)

It definitely took a community to create this piece, and the whole piece itself symbolizes the idea of a collective practicality through community.

Very complex and interesting thought behind such a simple piece.

It really is Something that means Something.


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