WK 10 Classmate Conversation: Corinne Sampson

This week in Art 110, I had the pleasure of conversing with the lovely and bubbly Corinne Sampson!

photo 2 (18)

She is a third year at CSULB and is majoring in Dance Science, a major that combines art with science. Continue reading


WK 10 Artist Conversation: Haneul Park

Dark art exhibits seem to always catch my eye!  Already on week 10, I have already written about a few art exhibits that showcase art works in the dark.  Drawn like a moth to a light, I decided to do my artist conversation on Haneul Park’s neon sign and pig art.

photo 3 (14) Continue reading

WK 9 Classmate Conversations: Cynthia Carrera & Renato Muralles

This marks the second post of TWO INTERVIEWS IN ONE POST.

photo 4 (11)

This week we have the lovely Cynthia Carrerra and intriguing Renato Muralles!  They were both very into doing a three person interview, which I thought was great! Continue reading

WK 9 Artist Conversation: Haru Shafer

Collectively as an exhibit, this was the most unique and interesting. The name of the exhibit is called Kingdom at Hand. This whole exhibit had a very distinct theme. Based on the name, each art work revolved around Christianity and God. As a Christian, I thought this was really intriguing because I have never seen a whole exhibit dedicated to Christianity. Each piece had its own flair and style with its own message and passage. I picked a piece by Haru Shafer called The Great Banquet.
photo 1 (17) Continue reading

WK 9 Activity: Vlog

I am actually out of town right now and I had to resort to filming on my webcam.  Wish I could actually put something together, but because of the timing, I am just using my laptop.  Hopefully I covered a good amount about me!  I shared several facts that I think would make a general overview of what I like to do and what I like.

Here’s my Vlog about me!

My about page:


WK 8 Activity: ePortfolio

Before my wordpress was just a basic theme with photos that indicated what the main subject was that week.  Now, it’s more of a blogg-y and journal-y wordpress! I used the theme Esquire because it reminded me of this fashion and beauty website called Refinery 29.  I normally read articles off this website in my free time and I just really loved the whole aesthetic of the website.  So with this activity, this website had inspired the whole look of my own website.

BEFOREautofocus original theme


Continue reading

WK 8 Classmate Conversation: Angelica Camacho

Totally freaking out about my speech next class, I was sitting down on one of those giant slabs of rock, outside the galleries.  The Angelic Angelica had approached me with a smile and a notebook ready.

photo 1 (15)

This brings me to my next Classmate Conversation this week in Art 110. Continue reading

WK 8 Artist Conversation: Kiyomi Fukui

photo 4 (10)  photo 5 (9)

Recently, I have been taking interest in horticulture lately so that explains why I was so drawn to this piece.  I really like the organic feeling of this piece.  The wood seems so solid and hard that it seems impossible to harbor anything living.  This reading desk seems so processed and finished, but these plants are so raw that you can feel the hard juxtaposition between the forces. Continue reading

WK 7 Activity: Painting

On this week’s activity, WE TOOK IT TO THE STREETS!

Just kidding, but we in a way we did!  We took on the challenge of graffiti ART.  I emphasize the art because graffiti is really art.  We watched a documentary on graffiti and it showed the heart and soul in graffiti.  People use this as an expression against the world of consumerism, and even just blessing the public with free, beautiful art.  It’s just a way to get your own name out there.  With a world ridden with conformity and bland personalities, there has to be a way to speak out against this current zombie apocalypse.  I really like the whole idea behind a spray can and how it can be used to beautify, rather than vandalize. Continue reading

WK 7 Classmate Conversation: Sarra Beauzil

This week in Art 110, I interviewed the amazing Sarra Beauzil!
She was initially in Nursing, but switched to Child Development. She is a second year at Cal State Long Beach and commutes from South Bay, around Redondo Beach. She really enjoys blogging on Tumblr and looking at fashion blogs. One thing we had in common was looking at fashion blogs are shopping online. We both really like going onto Polyvore and both agreed that online shopping is dangerous!!! It can be very addicting and I think I should see a specialist for it… Continue reading

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