WK 11 Classmate Conversation: Christian Espinoza

This week on Classmate Conversations, I had the pleasure of conversing with Christian Espinoza.

photo 1 (20)

He is a Freshman, majoring in English rhetoric.  He says that the most useful thing about his major is going into education, however, it does lead into law, but he does not want to bank on law school right now.  His hobbies include singing and playing guitar.  He has been playing guitar for about nine years.  His taste in music is very chill and acoustic.  We both found out that we both like this band called Local Natives.  He also likes heavy metal.  Christian says that any music that involves instruments fits into his preference.

He is from Harbor City, CA.  He has a picture of himself, at the Fat Burger in Carson, eating a one-pound burger.  We both agreed that we would do a challenge that involved having to eat more of one thing, rather than quantity.  Speaking of food, he loves Korean BBQ and, of course, so do I! He said that the longest he spent at a KBBQ restaurant was one and a half hours.

I really liked how open he was about his faith.  He said that he attended this Japanese church and that he stood out most of the time.  I thought it was really chill of him to share something like that so easily.

His plans this weekend include making a cover of You and I by the Local Natives for this activity, watching Big Hero 6 (I’ve been wanting to watch this so badly!!), and maybe even seeing another movie on Saturday.

Overall, Christian is a super down to earth guy that just likes to jam out to chill music.

photo 2 (20)

For more rad posts from Christian, go to his blog at:



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