WK 11 Artist Conversation: Romina Del Castillo

Sprinting into Week 11, I have decided to do an artist conversation on Romina Del Castillo.

photo 5 (12)

What I loved about this exhibit was that it presented art in its original form with painting and drawing.  It was nice to be refreshed with a painted art work this week.

One thing that caught my eye with this piece was the colors, specifically in the center.

photo 4 (13)

The neon pink and pastel blue tones created a retina-searing combination.  The more I looked at it, the more I squinted.  It was like another source of light in the room.  Contrasting the whole piece to the white wall made it pop even more.  It almost seemed 3D to me.  I loved the brightness and in-your-face pops of color in most of these works.  I could feel the warmth of the colors.  I loved how the artist used an intense warm color with a very cool color to create such a polar effect.  I love combining two opposite things to create an explosive product.  The colors the artist used in this piece seemed to be the most influential for me.  All of the colors seemed to work really well together and created such an impact.  This painting managed to include every color of the rainbow and doesn’t seem too elementary.  The strokes of the paint gives it a soft texture, but the colors extend its feeling to something more.  This was definitely one of my favorite pieces.


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