WK 10 Activity: Landscapes

photo (4)

I call this…The Dangers of Dorming

Every night before I go to bed, I always get a core workout.  This is from having to launch myself up onto my sky-high bed.  These things are so hard to get on top of!  Too poor to afford a stool, so I must hoist myself up every night.

This picture tells a story of how one night, I had rolled over too many times and just fell straight down a whole four feet, onto the floor.

All of the items on the floor are just a couple things that really capture the dorming lifestyle.  We have the shower flip-flops, the oatmeal/rice cooker, phone, laptop, and a mess, which is the dorming lifestyle, in general.  I decided to capture this moment because this did almost happen to me the other night.  If my time is coming soon, then it would definitely be because of this unnecessarily altitudinous bed.


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