WK 10 Artist Conversation: Haneul Park

Dark art exhibits seem to always catch my eye!  Already on week 10, I have already written about a few art exhibits that showcase art works in the dark.  Drawn like a moth to a light, I decided to do my artist conversation on Haneul Park’s neon sign and pig art.

photo 3 (14)

I am currently taking Mythology so once I saw this swine sign, I automatically thought of the myth of Odysseus from The Odyssey.  During his travels, Odysseus runs into Cerce, a beautiful witch-goddess, and turns his men into swine.  It was really cool to connect this mythology knowledge to another subject in another class.

With the other works in the room, I also thought there was some hidden Odyssey meaning.  The figures in each piece seemed very god-like and mythological.  There were a lot of children and babies involved in one piece and I thought it was his Odysseus’s wife and child.  The numerous amount of babies seemed like just the burden of longing that Penelope had to go through before Odysseus actually came home.  The idea that she has to take care of a child and also be stuck on the fact that her husband is coming home after over 20 years, is so heartbreaking.  Her face seems very expressionless.  She seems to be stuck between her love and her suffering.

My whole view on how these two work together seems like a stretch, but I that’s just how I feel about these two works.  This was a really cool experience because it shows that I actually learn something in my classes!!  Application is the most important thing about learning and I am glad that I could actually do that with these two classes.

Each art piece tells a story, like mythology.  Mythology is also an art.  It takes skill and it is an expression of feelings.  The way the story is delivered is different.  It can either be painted or spoken.  This really is the beauty of art.  It can be expressed through any sense and is more than just words or lines.  It tells a story and has feelings to it.


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