WK 9 Classmate Conversations: Cynthia Carrera & Renato Muralles

This marks the second post of TWO INTERVIEWS IN ONE POST.

photo 4 (11)

This week we have the lovely Cynthia Carrerra and intriguing Renato Muralles!  They were both very into doing a three person interview, which I thought was great!

About Cynthia Carrera

She is currently majoring in Film and is a first year like me!  She commutes to CSULB everyday because she lives around the area.  In her free time she really likes to watch sports.  Growing up with two older brothers, they really influenced her to understand and watch the games.  She is really into manga and anime.  My roommate really likes manga and anime as well and she just got me into this anime called Death Note.  Cynthia and I definitely bonded over that.  Her special talent is snapping with just flapping two fingers together.  She enjoys scary movies as well and we talked about some scary movies we liked and some we didn’t!  Cynthia is super cool and we found out that we have a lot of things in common!

Here’s Cynthia’s blog to find out what she’s up to!


About Renato Muralles

Renato is also a first year!  WHOO FIRST YEARS.  He is currently undeclared, but wants to change his major to pre-business.  He is from Hawthorne, CA and commutes like Cynthia.  He is really athletic and enjoys playing soccer and golf.  In his free time, you would find him just hanging out and chilling with friends.  He has one older sister and one older brother.  Renato’s special talent is that he has double jointed thumbs!  He then proceeded in showing me his thumbs in all of their double jointed glory.  Definitely should be considering professional thumb wrestler as a new career path.  He will be attending a costume party soon and is thinking of going as a zombie.  His older sister likes to do costume makeup so she’ll probably be zombifying him for the party!  Almost ending the interview, I almost did not notice his amazing shoes.  They had kittens and cats all over them!

Here’s a link to Renato’s page to get status updates from this kitty sneaker-wearing cool guy:


Thanks for being such cool sports during this interview, guys! 🙂

photo 5 (10)


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