WK 9 Artist Conversation: Haru Shafer

Collectively as an exhibit, this was the most unique and interesting. The name of the exhibit is called Kingdom at Hand. This whole exhibit had a very distinct theme. Based on the name, each art work revolved around Christianity and God. As a Christian, I thought this was really intriguing because I have never seen a whole exhibit dedicated to Christianity. Each piece had its own flair and style with its own message and passage. I picked a piece by Haru Shafer called The Great Banquet.
photo 1 (17)

It is just a simple drawing that looks like it was pulled out of a children’s book. I really liked the simplicity of it because it is taking a somewhat complex piece to just a basic message. He was talking about the passage of Luke. The message is that everyone, no matter how messed up their life is, can be admitted into the Kingdom of Heaven. The rich dude in the passage symbolizes God and Heaven. He does not discriminate.

photo 3 (13)

I really liked the idea of combining art and religion. It is an easy way to spread the Word. Like intricate and beautiful stained glass windows of any church, it catches anyone’s attention and is there for a purpose. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but also has a deeper meaning. I liked how he put a dinosaur saying “hella” in the middle of the drawing. It just symbolizes the indiscriminate love of God. No matter your species or ways, everyone is invited to the dinner party.

photo 2 (17)


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