WK 8 Classmate Conversation: Angelica Camacho

Totally freaking out about my speech next class, I was sitting down on one of those giant slabs of rock, outside the galleries.  The Angelic Angelica had approached me with a smile and a notebook ready.

photo 1 (15)

This brings me to my next Classmate Conversation this week in Art 110.

Angelica Camacho is a second year student at CSULB who commutes everyday!  She is currently undeclared, but is definitely leaning towards journalism.  She says that her units are almost up so declaring journalism is currently on her to-do list!  Speaking of to-do lists, I was telling Angelica that I was desperately looking for a job and she gave me great advice.  She worked at Walgreen during semester of her first year and highly recommends to start working around that time.  I totally agreed with her that I should focus more on school and settle in more in my first semester.  Thanks Angelica for the advice!!!  She currently works at Knotts Berry Farm and works the rides.

She told me she had attended Santa Fe high school and was involved in choir.  I was in choir for two years in high school so that was really cool that we had that in common!  I thought it was cool that she wants to do journalism too because I was also thinking about journalism as well.  As you know I am a Communications major so it’s good to know that they’re intertwined.

Angelica’s reason for thinking of going into journalism is that she really like to write and she knows she good at it.  She would love to be a news anchor, but is really on the fence about it because it’s all about appearance and she doesn’t dig that.

Her main goal is to be stable financially and to have a family of her own.  Her current family consists of a sister who is 8 years older, and a brother who is 4 years older.  She’s the youngest like me!

Her outspoken personality made this interview so much fun and it definitely flowed really well.

photo 2 (15)

The journalism world won’t know what hit them with an interviewer like Angelica Camacho!

Fore more cool posts from Angelica:



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