WK 8 Artist Conversation: Kiyomi Fukui

photo 4 (10)  photo 5 (9)

Recently, I have been taking interest in horticulture lately so that explains why I was so drawn to this piece.  I really like the organic feeling of this piece.  The wood seems so solid and hard that it seems impossible to harbor anything living.  This reading desk seems so processed and finished, but these plants are so raw that you can feel the hard juxtaposition between the forces.

photo 1 (16)  photo 3 (12)

I loved all the little trinkets within the nooks and crannies of this desk.  I noticed a ring inside one of the little shelves.  Its design was interesting.  It had little bubbly pearls and balls on the top.  With my own interpretation, I thought that this meant the birth of love, a symbol of marriage.

Of course, I choose another art piece that has no artist available to interview, but I settled with just the statement and my own interpretation.  Thus, gives the beauty of art!  Free interpretation!

I read the artist’s statement and she really wanted to focus on the opposing forces of life and death.  The beginning and the end.  She challenges this idea and puts the two together to create a rebirth it seems like.  She uses materials from her past art works and combines them with plants.  I really like the image of the life symbol bursting out of death.  This is definitely shown through this egg-like pod with little sprouts weaving through its hard exterior.

photo 3 (11)

Death is giving life.


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