WK 8 Activity: ePortfolio

Before my wordpress was just a basic theme with photos that indicated what the main subject was that week.  Now, it’s more of a blogg-y and journal-y wordpress! I used the theme Esquire because it reminded me of this fashion and beauty website called Refinery 29.  I normally read articles off this website in my free time and I just really loved the whole aesthetic of the website.  So with this activity, this website had inspired the whole look of my own website.

BEFOREautofocus original theme


I really like how it looks like more of a website that allows me to say what I need to say through its playful word bubble on the left side.  Being a communications major, I needed a website that reflected a more communicative feel with its playful word bubbles and a blog that focuses more on the text.  Even though I love having pictures involved, I feel like this theme really balances out the visuals and the written text.  It gives me the ability to add more pictures in, but also have my own words recorded.

I chose the colors of yellow, black, and white because I feel like the yellow really pops out from the white and black background.  I really like the clean look of black and white and I feel like the yellow gives it a more vibrant vibe.

I am really glad that I got the opportunity to change my website to fit more of my personality.  It was a really good idea to make this an activity because it pretty much forced me to make a better website to help me out in the long run.

If you’re interested in checking out Refinery 29’s website:



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