WK 7 Classmate Conversation: Sarra Beauzil

This week in Art 110, I interviewed the amazing Sarra Beauzil!
She was initially in Nursing, but switched to Child Development. She is a second year at Cal State Long Beach and commutes from South Bay, around Redondo Beach. She really enjoys blogging on Tumblr and looking at fashion blogs. One thing we had in common was looking at fashion blogs are shopping online. We both really like going onto Polyvore and both agreed that online shopping is dangerous!!! It can be very addicting and I think I should see a specialist for it…

Anyways, we walked around and looked at most of the exhibits. We both really enjoyed the Aftermath by Kenita Hale. We both agreed that we really liked the art exhibits that took up the whole space and the ones that are very interactive. We tried to discuss all the meaning behind all the art exhibits and we felt like such art savants. Bottom line, Sarra is really cool and it’s great to actually have talked to her because this class is so ginormous!

photo 1 (12)

For more posts from Sarra, follow her blog!


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