WK 6 Classmate Conversation: Kamani Falls

This week on my Classmate Conversation, I met the vibrant and wonderful Kamani Falls.  She is a third year, majoring in child development, and she commutes from Cerritos.  In the future, Kamani wants to open a daycare, and because of this she was thinking of maybe minoring in business.  I found a little common ground with her because I was actually thinking of minoring in marketing also.

With her busy schedule with school and her job at Jamba Juice, she does not have a lot of free time, but when she does have time she hangs out with her nephew and neices.  If she has a free day she’ll go to Disneyland because she has a pass.  I then continued to tell her how jealous I was because those things cost almost $300!!!  I talked about how I needed a job so I could got to Disneyland more, so if there’s a job opening at Jamba Juice let me know, Kamani!!  She hasn’t gone to Disneyland since June so she needs to go more often since she has a pass.  Her favorite ride is the Mermaid ride at Disneyland.  Coming from Valencia, home of Six Flags Magic Mountain, I asked her if she also likes going there too.  She really likes all the other rides there too, but Disneyland just seems more magical.

After our interview, we walked around and looked at the art.  We both decided to go into the Labyrinth exhibit and really enjoyed how real the snow looked.  We interview Isaiah Ulloa together and both agreed that he was very enthusiastic and was a pleasure to talk to.

Kamani is a really cool and chill girl.  As I was taking her picture she struck a great pose and I could tell she was a free spirit.  Thanks for your time!!  You’re really awesome.

photo 1 (11)

For more of Ms. Kamani Falls:



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