WK 4- Classmate Conversation- Minyon Spencer

This week in Art110, I had met the lovely and charming, Minyon Spencer!

She is a first year, majoring in Finance.  She came all the way from Tracy, a city in San Jaoquin County.  We met before going into Jeannette Viveros’s exhibit.  We were both marveling at how crazy her piece was.  She brought up the whole Hook episode from Spongebob idea and I couldn’t have agreed more.  We laughed about the episode and our love for that yellow sponge.  We both enjoyed the use of different textures and senses involved in the piece and really liked the furry, cotton candy walls.  We both agreed that it would be possible to sleep standing up because of it.  We interviewed the artist together and then sat down for our own interview.

Minyon attended high school in Tracy and did cheerleading.  She enjoys ice cream in the Parkside dining hall and loves watching vines, six second videos on the app Vine.  She is currently raving about these twins on Vine that are hilarious and good looking.  We bonded over the hilarious Jerome Jarre vines with squee-rals (squirrels) and proceeded in doing the famous squirrel calls.

Minyon is super awesome and we’re probably hanging out later this week because we are apparently HALL MATES.

Minyon and I enjoying the pink furry wall of "Utterly Pink"

Minyon and I enjoying the pink furry wall of “Utterly Pink”

For more of this delicious filet MINYON:



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