WK 2- Activity- Instagram

This week on Adventures of Art 110, we took four pictures of our day, from waking up to saying good night.  Everyone hashtagged their posts with #ART110F14 so you could see all the posts of everyone else.  I thought that was cool too.  It was like seeing what everyone’s agenda was that day.  I guess that’s the point of social media today.  Whether it’s from successfully swatting a fly that’s been bothering you for HOURS or finding out which celebrity’s nudes got leaked, social media has made it possible to publicly stalk anyone you want.  I thought it was interesting to even see what I was up to that day, September 4th, also Beyonce’s birthday.  This activity really showed an external and internal view on how everyone else’s days are going.  I would consider myself a professional stalker now.


Waking up to the construction symphony outside, but on a brighter note, Happy Beyday, Beyoncé #art110f14


Art for #art110f14


Beady eyed birds Making decorations for 3rd floor #art110f14


Parks and Rec before bed. Night #art110f14

From waking up to the beautiful noises of construction to saying good night with one of my favorite shows, Parks and Recreation, I would say that this activity kind of reminded me that it was a good day.  Even with an ordinary Thursday, I was happy to see that everyday is always a good day.


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