WK 2- Classmate Conversations- Ryan Wang & Calvin Vo

For classmate conversations, I hit a deal of two for one with Ryan Wang and Calvin Vo.  Mistaking them as high school friends, I found out they met just a week ago in Art 110. Ryan is majoring in business and likes to play basketball in his free time.  Calvin is majoring in civil engineering and likes to play volleyball.  We were all freshmen so we talked about our first year so far at CSULB and how great it has been.  They said that the environment here is very friendly and that they enjoyed meeting new people.

We walked around and conversed about different art pieces and I was impressed at what they had to say.  Ryan went to a couple art museums and Calvin was in AP Art History in high school.  After seeing a couple of pieces, they both had their own interpretations of what the art meant and we all shared our ideas.

photo 4

Ryan and Calvin are really two peas in a pod and they seem like great friends! It really nice to get to know them and just walk around the gallery with them.

Thanks for your time!

For more posts from Ryan and Calvin:


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