WK 2- GLAMFA Artist- Eric Andrew Carter

Right when I walked into the gallery, my eyes went straight to this video installment.  It was just an average-looking male, up against a white wall.  I put on the headphones and listened to a woman behind the camera, asking him simple true or false questions.  After a couple of questions I figured out that these questions were administered as a full mental health assessment test.  The woman asked the man if he ever feels impatient towards people in shorts amounts of time or if he ever smells pungent scents from time to time.  I realized that most of these psychological questions were very subjective.  After hearing some questions, the man would hesitate and tilt his head to think whether the statement was true or false.  I was so intrigued by the questions the woman would ask and how subjective they were.  Depending on how you would interpret the question or how you were feeling in that instance, would definitely change your answers.  He would answer them very quickly and it seemed like there was no time to really think or ask questions about how “pungent” a smell would be or if five minutes would count as a “short amount of time”.
After reading Carter’s artistic statement on the GLAMFA page, he explained that this test was very subjective.  In order to focus on his most important issues, he would counter the subjectivity with more subjectivity.  He could then pinpoint which seemed to be most vital to him.  I thought his methods were very interesting and were very creative.  I really liked the fact that I felt like I could get inside this artist’s head through his own psychological tests.  It gave it a more personal appeal.
photo 1 (2)photo 2 (2)


For more of Eric Andrew Carter’s great work: http://ericandrewcarter.com/home.html


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