WK 1- Classmate Interview- Kim Tang

I had the honor of interviewing sophomore, Kim Tang. She is majoring in Pre-Nursing and gives great advice on college and studying.

SC: What was one thing you regret not doing in Freshman year?
KT: In my major, it takes around five years to finish, so if I were to take my science class in first semester of college I would probably be done with all my prereq. and ready for nursing now. So that’s a waste of time. No wonder it was the easiest semester, although it was 15 units.

SC: Is there something you’re really excited for in sophomore year?
KT: Well, honestly, I have to say that here, CSULB, almost all of the professors are great, they are great teachers and they will make you like the subjects that they are teaching, like even the simplest thing. So for example, science, at first, I do like science, science is awesome, but now I like it even more because my chem teacher for nursing, he, not just engaged the material, but also made outside applications into the major. So that’s what basically is what makes high school different from college. You get more realistic view of what you can do with this stuff so that you can do better in the class. It really push you to really want to learn the materials. I know I sound nerdy.

SC: Do you think you study harder in college as compared to in high school?
KT: Yes, even AP classes are not as bad as any regular college class. In college, it’s very different in high school because it’s independent study so you only go to class on certain days of the week and in high school you come every single day and the teacher pushes you to do your work, but here it’s your money so whether you want to put it into what’s worth it is your choice.So you really have to be independent. Am I going off-topic? Yes you do study harder, just like the formula of every unit is an hour? or two hours? It’s an hour of studying, but I’m telling you, an hour is not enough. Yeah it has to be like two hours a unit, every week. So if you can’t keep that formula then try to fit in your schedule. It’ll be super helpful.

SC: Wait… I’m taking 16 units. Is that a lot?
KT: Depends on what class you’re taking. So if they’re just intro classes. Science classes…yeah. Usually science classes are a lab and lecture, so that’s two classes you have to go for just 4 units. So one class an intro level, it’s not that bad.

SC: With Pre-Nursing as your major, Where do you see yourself in five years?
KT: I see myself either as successful or still in school. Probably still in school, because I am going for my master’s so.. But working at the same time and learning a lot.

SC: WHy did you choose your major?
KT: Because in high school I already knew I wanted to be a certified registered nurse, anesthesiologist, so I know the path and I will take whatever it takes to get there.

SC: So you’ve known that ever since high school?
KT: Mhmm, so that’s why I’m not undeclared. But it is safe to be undeclared because then you get to explore more and not regret. But if you already know where you’re going, then go straight for it so you don’t waste your time and money. I think after five years of financial aid, they’re cutting you off. So you better finish in those years.

SC: What’s better: dorming or renting an apartment?
KT: SO my second semester, I decided to move out, but there’s a price for that, because you have to know where you’re gonna go next semester and make sure that you have that place or else you don’t have to look for that place by then or it’ll be filled with people wanting to look for a place to stay. That and also you will have to be more independent, have a car, pay for your own gas, and try to live without your parents. Not be able to eat their food. It’s really a lot of responsibility so you have to learn to live on your own.

SC: A lot of people say that college is a taste of the real world, do you agree with that statement?
KT: When you move out, yes. That is very true. It’s your time, it’s your decision. You have a car, you can go wherever you want. SO it all depends on you. And there’s a cost for each action you take.

SC: What do you think defines success in college?
KT: Okay this is gonna be an easy question because obviously it’s GPA. Well for my major, GPA is the number one thing for your major, I’m not sure. But overall I think that GPA is the main thing you need to keep up always. As you learn how to study, okay, on your path to a super awesome GPA, you will learn a lot of things and meet a lot of people. And those people , you can hold onto for years and years, will soon be your best friends at the end, or once you graduate. I didn’t graduate yet, but Im telling you that it’s true.

SC: Any advice for me, or any other freshman?
KT: GO find a place to move out of the dorm, because it is really expensive. Did you know that one breakfast meal costs like $6? And you can eat your own cereal for like some cents. So I don’t think it’s worth it. But if you want the convenience and social life, but that’s not me. So I have to study.

Thanks for your time, Kim!  And thank you for all the great advice.

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For more posts from Kim’s wordpress: http://tanghkim.wordpress.com/


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